What to pack for a beach vacation?

by Fair Fashionista - Sanne
What should I pack for a beach vacation?


Are you traveling somewhere warm and sunny and don’t know what to pack? We have made a small guide with our best advice on what you should bring on your beach vacation. You can of course rent all the outfits you need for your sunny vacay at Fair Fashionista, but more on that later.


Get comfy

When packing for a beach vacation, go for clothes made from fabrics that are comfortable to wear, such as viscose, chiffon and light cotton, which let your skin breathe. Don’t bring garments that are too delicate, they should be able to survive a quick hand wash in the hotel room sink, if you happen to spill sunscreen, mosquito repellent or colored drinks. For the pool and the beach, bring clothes that dry quickly. Even though we are not usually members of the polyester fan club, it is hard to find anything more suitable than a thin polyester kimono, when it comes to cover-ups for the beach and the pool. Avoid overly tight-fitted designs and rather go a size too large, than too small.

Dare color

Even if you usually swear to neutrals, take the chance and add a little color to your beach vacation wardrobe. Most colors look great with a tan, and a bright colored pattern is sure to put you in the right vacation mood.


Bring a bathrobe

It is great to have a bathrobe for lunging around in the hotel room, but nowadays, hotel bathrobes are a rare sight unless you are staying at 5-star luxury resorts, so remember to bring your own. Most bathrobes also work as pool wear, but steer clear of the red fluffy ones unless you are after the Hugh Hefner look.


And don’t forget the beach towel

Unless you are staying at a beach resort, most hotels do not allow that you are bringing the hotel towels to the beach or the pool, so if you don’t want to end up buying an overpriced polyester souvenir towel, consider bringing your own. At Fair Fashionista you can rent beach towels in hand-woven cotton in beautiful designs, perfect for the beach and the pool.


Dress like a beach pro

If you expect to spend most of your time by the pool or the beach, a nice beach kimono or tunic is also an essential part of your holiday wardrobe. A large thin scarf can often double as a beach sarong, and keep you warm on cold evenings and onboard your flight.

Most beach vacations do not involve a lot of walking, except for the daily stroll from the hotel room to the pool, so a pair of sandals and flip flops would probably be all you need to bring along. A beach bag is also handy, so you can bring a towel, a hairbrush and sunscreen to the pool or the beach.


Why you should rent clothes for your beach vacation

When you are on vacation, you often wear clothes that you would not want to wear at home. That tie-dye dress that was so right in Thailand, just does not work at home, and if you are living far away from the beach, there is a risk that those beach cover-ups from Bali, which are currently at the bottom of your closet, will never see the sun again.

Instead of buying clothes you don’t use, rent your vacation wardrobe at Fair Fashionista and travel in style, wearing whatever feels just right for your destination. When your trip is over, you just send the clothes back to us and we will take care of all the boring stuff (= washing and cleaning). Further down this page, below the list of packing tips, you will find a selection of clothes from Fair Fashionista, perfect for your beach vacation:)cover-


Beach Vacation Packing List

Rent clothes for your beach vacation


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