The Slip Dress – How it’s made

by Fair Fashionista - Sanne
The Slip Dress, Fair Fashionista Blog

A slip dress is such a versatile piece, and I am a big fan. You can wear it with a jumper and sneakers for a casual, yet elegant look, or pair it with heels and a nice bag and you are ready for a night out.

We just finished working on our slip dress, just in time for the fall season, so I thought I would share a little sneak peek behind the scenes.

The slip dress is made in collaboration with Vannary and the tailors at Lotus Silk in Phnom Penh, but before the first stitch is made, all details regarding the design have to be decided. Then we need to pick the fabric, which can be quite a challenge. We buy the fabric from the markets in Phnom Penh which sell leftover fabric from the garment industry, so it varies a lot what is available.

Vannary quickly found a nice black satin with a smooth and soft touch, but I also wanted to make a latte-colored dress, and it turned out to be more difficult. Though the other day she finally texted that she had found the right color, so now we just hope there is enough to make all sizes.

It is different from time to time how much influence I have on the design. For this dress, I had a pretty clear idea about what kind of neckline and what length I wanted for the dress. Then Vannary provided her suggestions including a bias-cut skirt, before the design was ready to go to the tailors. Vannary employs a team of tailors at her workshop in Phnom Penh, and after they receive the specifications, they start working on the sample. If there are any uncertainties regarding the design, or if the final fabric is expensive or sparse, we usually make the prototype in a cheaper material, so we can make adjustments along the way. A lot of photos are sent back and forth over Messenger during this phase, and when we are all happy with the sample, we start the production of the dress. This process, from idea to final sample usually takes 2-3 weeks, which is not that long, but very intense.

You find the dress here>>

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