The Principles

This is how we roll

  • We want to make a difference.
  • We pay our artisan suppliers a fair price that lets them not only survive but also put aside money for rainy days as well as retirement. You can be sure that the salary paid is always above the minimum wage.We require our suppliers to respect holidays and days off, and that you can call in sick without fear of losing income or employment.
  • We work continuously towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly production and we try to avoid waste of resources as far as possible.
  • We never use child labor and sweat shops, and we do our best to ensure that this principle is enforced not only in the immediate supply chain, but in any process under our control.
  • We do not ask our suppliers for credit, and when an order is placed, we pay part of it upfront, so the suppliers have the liquidity needed to pay for raw materials and salaries during the production process.


Sanne Overgaard Møller 
Owner & Founder
Fair Fashionista Inc