Fair Fashionista Subscriptions

Rent at a fixed lower price







With a Fair Fashionista Subscription, you rent at a fixed lower monthly price. When you sign up for a subscription, your Credits are added to your account. You can use your Credits to rent items of your choice within all the rental categories.

You can keep the items for as long as you like (as long as you have an active subscription). Whenever you are ready, you can return one or more items, and the Credits from the items will be added back to your account so you can rent something new. 

How does it work? Here is an example: You purchase a Fair Fashionista Gold subscription, and 110 Credits (100 Credits + 10 Credits buffer) are added to your account. You can spend your Credits as you wish and rent for  110 Credits at a time. Let’s say you rent 3 dresses at 30 Credits each, and 1 handbag for 20 Credits.  There is now 0 Credits left on your account (110 Credits – 90 Credits for the dresses – 20 Credits for the handbag). After 10 days, you want to swap 2 dresses, which you then send back to us, and the 60 Credits from the dresses (30 Credits x 2) are then added back to your account. You now have 60 Credits to spend. 

A Fair Fashionista Gold subscription includes 2 swaps per month. If you return all items each time you swap, and use both swaps, you can rent items for a total value of 220 Credits (2 x 110 Credits) a month. 

We take care of washing and dry cleaning, but if you want to clean your rented items during the rental period, you are free to do so, as long as you follow  the instructions provided. 


We want you to use the rented items as if they were yours, and we know that zippers get stuck, buttons fall off, and red wine stains always happen when you are wearing white, so we have included insurance for all rentals. The insurance cover any minor damage of the rented items. In case of repeated, unrepairable damage or failure to return the rented items, we reserve the right to claim a compensation up to the amount of the full purchase price minus the rental price of the item.

Please note that you cannot mix shop items with rental items in the same shopping basket/transaction. If you wish to buy items from Fair Fashionista Shop, or you wish to rent without using your subscription, you need to log out from your account before proceeding to checkout.