Phnom Penh: A cozy Sunday afternoon – Visiting Yary from CWSG

by Fair Fashionista - Sanne
Visiting Yary from CWSG

The last time I was in Cambodia, Yary from CWSG asked me, if i wanted to come by for coffee one of the days? I would love to, so one Sunday afternoon, Kanary and I took a tuk-tuk to the outskirts of Phnom Penh, where Yary lives with her daughter and their dog Panda.

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Yary’s daughter went to law school and she graduated last year, but it is difficult to find a job, so she opened a coffee stall and started selling iced coffee and other beverages to the people in the neighborhood.

She jokingly says that she is making more money on selling coffee, that she would ever do as a lawyer, but there might be some truth in what she is saying, because finding a good job in Phnom Penh can be hard without the right contacts. Instead, she is now dreaming about owning her own brick and mortar coffee shop.

Yary’s daughter is getting married soon, and while we are drinking coffee from her stall, we talk about the upcoming wedding. After the wedding, the young couple will be staying in Yary’s house, and Yary tells us that she wants to surprise her daughter by decorating the room and making it look nice for the wedding night.

After finishing the coffee, we go for a tour around the neighborhood. Yary knows everyone around, so we stop a lot of times along the way to talk to her friends and hear how things are, and it is early evening before we say goodbye and return to Kanary’s Homestay.

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