Peace Silk Hair Bows

by Fair Fashionista - Sanne
French barrettes with Peace Silk bow

Our new hair bows look like candy, don’t you think? The bows are made from organic Peace Silk which is silk made without killing the silk worms. We use raw silk, which has a somewhat coarser texture and a more discreet luster compared to silk satin, and the bows come in 3 neutral colors that go with everything. Perfect for those days when a scrunchie might be too casual, but you still want your hair up without too much work.

We have come up with two designs: A classic bow and a minimalistic bow, the New Bow, inspired by Korean hair trends. Yary and Sokheang from CWSG have made the silk bows, and contrary to what you might think, it is actually the New Bow (the minimalistic bow) that took the longest time and the most silk to make. The reason why is that the New Bow requires a very long piece of fabric that is folded several times and then stitched along all edges:)

We purchase the metal barrette from Delsol, which is a company in France. You probably have not heard about them, but they were actually the ones that invented the French barrette back in 1920. Delsol is the only company that produces this kind of hair barrettes in Europe, and their French barrettes are of a very good quality. We have made some of the large bows with a special barrette for fine hair, so make sure you choose the right barrette for your hair type.