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Crazy Krama Scarf


Value $45.00
Rent it for $11.00 /month

Handwoven cotton scarf in the beautiful Crazy Krama pattern. This pattern is my all-time favorite from Weavers. The pastel color combo is classy, yet playful, making the scarf right for many occasions.

Colors: Pink, blue, white, black, yellow, turquoise

Dimensions: 31.5″ x 71″

100% handwoven cotton

Made in Cambodia


Who made the T-shirt dress?

The handwoven fabric for the T-shirt dress is hand-loomed with love by the artisans at Weavers in Cambodia. Cambodia has a strong tradition of weaving, but it is a dying craft due to the competition from cheaper, factory-made fabric as well as the declining interest among the young generation of learning the skills of weaving.
Weavers is looking to change that, and by providing training and employment, they offer a source of income to the people in the rural communities, while preserving the age-old craft of weaving. Weavers innovative model ensures that most of the sales revenue goes to the people in the villages in rural Cambodia. Here, the revenue is invested back into scaling the impact through education scholarships, a health fund and more social business activities.

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