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Size 6-8

$20.00 / 15 Credits
to rent


We plant a tree for every product you rent.

Skirt in denim and tie-dye cotton fabric. Elastic waist and back zipper.

The skirt is part of our v2.0 capsule collection and it is made from two old denim shirts and a tie-dye wrap.

Size 6/8

Size guide – Skirt measurements:

Waist: 26.4″-31.5″ (elastic), Length: 23.6″

Material: 100% cotton

Made in U.A.E.


What is v2.0?

v2.0 is our new capsule collection made from unrepairable, outdated or unwearable secondhand clothes. We give new life to old clothes in this fun, sustainable collection.

Who made the skirt?

The skirt was made at Dream Girl Tailors in Dubai.

Dream Girl Tailors is one of the oldest tailor shops in Dubai, and many of the tailors have been with the company for decades. At the Satwa branch, the designer Nasir and the tailors help making our design ideas come to life.

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