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Placemats - Santorini - Set of 4

LWH Nepal

$20.00 / 15 Credits
to rent

We plant a tree for every product you rent.

Set of 4 reversible placemats in handwoven cotton. One side has a pattern with a dark central rectangle, while the other side has a pattern with a lighter central rectangle.

12.2″ x 17.3″ + fringe

Material: 100% handwoven cotton

Color: Blue/white

Made in Nepal


Who made the placemats?

LWH (Local Women’s Handicrafts) is a textile and handicraft collective in Nepal founded by Nasreen Sheikh. Nasreen is a former sweatshop child worker and she has experienced the dark side of the garment industry on her own body, being forced to work many hours a day. Though she never gave up hope for a better future, and she managed to leave the sweat shop and start LWH.

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