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Newport Kimono

Lotus Silk Phnom Penh

Value $75.00
Rent it for $15.00 /month


Beautiful light and sheer chiffon kimono. You can tie the kimono in the front or in the back, and it looks just as good over a bikini as it does, paired with a tank top and jeans.

One Size, fits size S-L (4-14)

Color: Gray, brown, purple, turquoise

Material: 100% polyester chiffon

Made in Cambodia


Who made the Kimono?

Lotus Silk was founded by Vannary San back in 2003 with the purpose of promoting local silk production, but Lotus Silk also works to create employment under fair conditions in the different rural communities that the social business is collaborating with. Lotus Silk also employs a group of young, female tailors in the in-house workshop, and they made this kimono.

Read more about Lotus Silk on the blog >>


What is upcycled fabric?

Sometimes the garment factories order too much fabric, or a design gets cancelled resulting in piles of leftover fabrics. Traditionally, this leftover fabric ended up in landfills, but nowadays, you can find it on the local markets around Phnom Penh. By using this material to make new garment items, we prevent beautiful fabric from going to waste and contribute to a more sustainable garment production.