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KITHARA Oblong Bag - Green


$26.00 / 23 Credits
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We plant a tree for every product you rent.

The KITHARA Oblong bag is from sustainable Korean fashion brand KI LEE’s 2020 collection <POETIC UTILITY>. The bag is inspired by the musical instruments kithara and almglocken, and the collection embodies the brand’s core value of aesthetic utility and material poeticism.

As a part of the brand’s on-going commitment to sustainability and to exploring the design possibilities of innovative vegan materials, KI LEE has used haunji (mulberry-bast-and-cotton vegan leather) for all the products in the current collection. Thanks to the natural characteristics of mulberry bast fiber, Hanji is anti-bacterial, durable, lightweight, breathable, water repellent and bio-degradable.  The use of this textile, which was developed by a local independent textile manufacturer, reflects the brand’s philosophy of poetic utility through its combination of Korean paper-making tradition of hanji and innovative textile technology.

Color: Green

Material: Vegan leather (mulberry bast and cotton)

Measurements: Body: (including the handle) 13.5″ x 7.8” x 3.1″

Made in South Korea


Who made the KITHARA  Oblong Bag?

KI LEE is a sustainable Korean accessories brand with a commitment to intelligent design and sustainable materials. Ki Chan Lee, the designer at KI LEE, is a former sculpture artist, and the KI LEE handbags are like little pieces of art.

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