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Kalamkari Cloth Napkins - Set of 4


$15.00 / 10 Credits
to rent


We plant a tree for every product you rent.

The kalamkari cloth napkins are made with 100% cotton. Artisans in Southern India print the fabric for the napkins using the block-printing style known as “kalamkari”, which involves printing the fabric with natural, eco-friendly dyes using wooden blocks and then filling in the details with hand painting.

Rented out as a as a set of 4 napkins.

Color: Black & ivory

Dimensions: 16″x16″

Material: 100% cotton

Made in India


Who made the Tablecloth?

Sevya works with artisan cooperatives throughout India to develop contemporary styles that showcase traditional, eco-friendly handicrafts. The entire village is often involved in some aspect of the craft such as dyeing the yarn, setting the loom and weaving, and each piece is is result of the collective work of many hands and hearts. Sevya is a member of the Fair Trade Federation.

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