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Madrid Dress


$39.00 / 30 Credits
to rent


We plant a tree for every product you rent.

Long, flowy dress with v-neck and elbow-length sleeves. This dress is made from recycled chiffon sarees, which are a traditional Indian garment. Kamakshi (Increscent’s female founder) collects used sarees from friends and family, and turns the beautiful fabric into new dresses. One saree typically only makes one dress, so this is a truly unique piece.

Material: Outer: Chiffon saree (exact fiber content unknown), lining: 100% cotton

Color: Light brown with coral/purple flower print.

Made in India

Sizing and measurements:

SIZE S ( fits US size 6-8): Bust: 38”, Armhole: 18”, Length: 51″


Who made the dress?

The Indian brand Increscent was founded by Kamakshi Singh, who has a background in export and textile design. When she was visiting garment factories, she could not help noticing the the large quantities of surplus fabric, so-called “dead stock”, from the garment and textile factories, and she decided to start Increscent, with a focus on minimizing waste and making the production of clothes more sustainable.

The clothes are ethically made in a small community workshop in Jaipur, and the designs are vintage-inspired with an emphasis on quality and craftsmanship. 60% of the fabric used in the production is sourced from dead stock, but Increscent also collaborates with local artisans to make hand-dyed, embroidered and block-printed clothes, and many of the designs are one-of-a-kind.