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Resort Robe - Sigrid

(h)A.N.D. Artisan Designer
Size 4-14

$25.00 / 20 Credits
to rent


We plant a tree for every product you rent.

Relax in your room or by the pool wearing this beautiful handwoven resort robe. Can also be worn as a long cardigan paired with shorts, or jeans and a top.

Ikat is a traditional dyeing and weaving technique used in many places around the world. In Cambodia, ikat patterns have traditionally been reserved for fine silk fabric, but (h)A.N.D. has made handwoven cotton ikat their signature fabric for accessories and clothing items.

Size: One-size (fits US size 4-14)

Material: 100% Handwoven Cotton

Length: 37″

Color: Black/gray

Made in Cambodia


Who made the Resort Robe?

(h)A.N.D. Artisan Designer is a Phnom Penh-based fair trade brand, lead by fashion designer Alan James Flux and general manager and co-designer Mr. Pheap. (h)A.N.D. supports disabled and otherwise disadvantaged, but highly trained artisans, including those from minority groups, all working together to create innovative, high-quality pieces, showcasing Cambodian skills and materials. The brand is particularly known for innovative designs and contemporary takes on traditional patterns.

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