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Fair Fashionista Stylish

1 swap/month

Accessories only

Rent it for:



Fair Fashionista members with a subscription rent at a fixed low monthly price. 

In stock

Rent 5 accessories at a time and swap once a month, or keep the items as long as you like (and have a valid membership). You can pick and mix as you like from the categories Fair Fashionista Accessories and Vintage + Pre-loved Accessories.

This membership does not include clothing

Insurance included

Dry cleaning included

Free shipping

Expected delivery: 3-4 business days


The fine print

Before you can order new items, you need to return the items you are currently renting. You will receive an email notification, when we have received the items you have returned, and you can order new items.

You can keep the items as long as you like but all items in an order have to be returned at the same time.