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Fair Fashionista Silver

Subscription plan
120 Credits
1 swap/month

Rent it for:


With Fair Fashionista Silver, you get 120 Credits and 1 swap each month. You decide how you want to use your credits. Rent clothes, accessories and jewelry, or spend the Credits in the shop. If you do not use up all your Credits one month, they are  rolled over to the following month, and they do not expire until after 365 days.

1 swap with free shipping back and forth is included in the plan, and if you need more swaps, you can buy them as an add-on.

Your items are always delivered impeccably clean, sanitized, and ready to wear.

During the rental period you are allowed to wash, iron and dry clean the clothing according to the instructions provided.

You do not need to clean the items before returning them.


The fine print

The rental period is 30 days starting from four days after we have shipped your items.

Expected delivery is 3-4 business days

Insurance is included and covers minor damage such as broken zippers, lost buttons and other repairable defects.

Coming Soon!

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