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Fair Fashionista Platinum

180 Credits + 10 Credits buffer
2 Swaps per month

$180.00 / month


We plant a tree for every product you purchase.

With a Fair Fashionista Platinum subscription you can rent for up to 190 Credits (180 Credits +10 Credits buffer) at a time. After purchasing a Fair Fashionista Platinum subscription, we will start setting up your account and your subscription plan.  When your plan is ready for use (within 24 hours from sign-up, we will notify you via email). 190 Credits is added to your account and you can use your Credits to rent from all rental categories. You can keep the items for as long as you like (as long as you have a valid subscription).

The maximum total value of the items you are currently renting cannot exceed 190 Credits (180 Credits + 10 Credits buffer). Whenever you are ready, you can return one or more items, and the Credits from the items will be added back to your account so you can rent something new. When you are logged in, you can see your credit balance anytime on your member page, and at the top of the site, below the shopping cart symbol.

How does it work? Here is an example: You have a Fair Fashionista Platinum subscription and 190 Credits to spend. You rent 4 dresses for 40 Credits each and 1 handbag for 25 Credits. There are now 5 Credits left in your account (190 Credits –160 Credits for the dresses –25 Credits for handbag). After 7 days you send back 3 of the dresses and 120 Credits are added back, so you have 125 Credits to spend. You can also send all items back, and have all 190 Credits available to rent for again.

The Fair Fashionista Platinum subscription includes 2 swaps each month. If you send everything back each time you swap and make full use of your Credits, you can rent for a total value of 380  Credits (190 Credits x 2 swaps) during the course of one month.

When you rent from Fair Fashionista, insurance is always included. The insurance covers minor damage to the rented items assuming normal, responsible use.

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Please note that you cannot mix shop items with rental items in the same shopping basket/transaction. If you wish to buy items from Fair Fashionista Shop, or you wish to rent without using your subscription, you need to log out from your account before proceeding to checkout.