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Rent it for:

$25.00 per month


Handwoven brown cotton dress with puff sleeves and round, drawstring neck. The fabric was dyed using natural dyes and there are different intensities of the color along the length of the dress.

Size: S and L

Color: Light brown

Material: 100% handwoven cotton

Made in Thailand


Who made the dress?

Chimmuwa is a part of Borderline Collective in Mae Sot, Thailand. The women artisan group was founded by Sylvia and Nor-Nor with the purpose of providing employment opportunities and job training for young female migrants and refugees from Myanmar.

Hill tribes in villages in Northern Thailand grow the cotton which is later harvested, spun and dyed with natural colors. Other tribes, specializing in weaving, weave the cotton, which Chimmuwa then purchases and turns into beautiful items such as this dress.

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