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Peachy Pink - Hair Bow


$7.00 / 5 Credits
to rent

We plant a tree for every product you rent.

Hair bow made from upcycled light pink faux suede. The bow holds a full ponytail of medium thickness hair. The small logo plate has a butterfly stamp and is made by Angkor Bullet Jewellery from old bullet casings.

The metal French hair barrettes are from the French company Delsol. You probably have not heard about them, but they were actually the ones that invented the French barrette back in 1920. They are the only company that produces this kind of hair slides in Europe, and their French barrettes are of a very good quality.

Color: Light pink

Dimensions: Bow: 4.7″, metal French barrette (stainless steel): 3.7″

Material: 100% faux suede (polyester)


Who made the hair bow?

The women from CWSG (Cambodia Women’s Support Group) in Phnom Penh make the hair bow from upcycled fabric. CWSG provides a source of income as well as social support to the women in the group.

Read more about CWSG on the blog >>


What is upcycled fabric?

Sometimes the garment factories order too much fabric, or a design gets cancelled resulting in piles of leftover fabric. Traditionally, this leftover fabric ended up in landfills, but nowadays, you can find it at the local markets around Phnom Penh. By using this material to make new items such as the hair bows, we prevent beautiful material from going to waste while at the same time contributing to a more sustainable garment production.