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Dessie Dress

Size 6-16

$25.00 / 20 Credits
to rent


We plant a tree for every product you rent.

Cotton dress with short sleeves and side pockets. The dress has a back zipper, and an integrated belt that you cross in front and tie in the back, for a really nice effect. The dress is hand dyed with natural dyes from marigold flowers and ebony, creating a nice, multicolored pattern, unique for each dress.

Size guide:

Size 6: Bust: 36.2″, Waist: 34.6″, Length: 43″

Size 8: Bust: 37.8″, Waist: 36.2″, Length: 43″

Size 10: Bust: 41″, Waist: 38.6″, Length: 43″

Size 12:  Bust: 42.5″, Waist: 40″, Length: 43″

Size 14:  Bust: 44″, Waist: 41.7″, Length: 43″

Size 16: Bust: 45.7″, Waist: 44.9″, Length: 43″

Material: 100% cotton

Color: Blue/orange/brown/yellow

Made in Thailand



Who made the dress?

Chimmuwa is a part of Borderline Collective in Mae Sot, Thailand. The women artisan group was founded by Sylvia and Nor-Nor with the purpose of providing employment opportunities and job training for young female migrants and refugees from Myanmar.

Read more about Chimmuwa and Borderline Collective in Mae Sot >>

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