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Brave Dress


Value $160.00
Rent it for $40.00 /month


This long, loose-fitted shirt dress with paisley print is flattering for all body types and shapes. The dress has gatherings on the upper back and on the front shoulder part to give it a beautiful flowy look. The gatherings also add width and movement and the dress has endless opportunities when it comes to styling. Wear it as a dress, as a kimono or as a long duster coat. Long sleeves and button down front. This item has slightly narrow arm holes, so remember to check the measurements before renting.

Bust: 63″

Waist: 72.4″

Length, front: 47.2″

Length, back: 48.8″

Sleeve length: 24″

Arm hole: 18.1″

Material: Unknown (vintage sari)

Made in India



The core of the Danish brand SISSEL EDELBO is up-cycling of vintage saris and a love for Indian culture. Since 2004, the two founders Jeanne Sissel Thomsen and Christina Edelbo Petersen have traveled to India frequently to handpick saris for their sustainable collections.

SISSEL EDELBO mixes print and mystery with a simple nordic cut, so customers can choose sustainable clothes and enable the story of the saris to continue. All of the styles are made of cleaned up-cycled saris, and every single one of them are designed with love and care for Mother Earth.

SISSEL EDELBOE supports a sustainable, vibrant future for the fashion industry and for the world. Each piece tells the story of the Indian heritage and the amazing women, all dressed in their traditional vibrant saris.

All SISSEL EDELBO garments are made from saris which, before being upcycled, have been worn by women in India. Therefore, you might find tiny flaws such as marks, a stain, or a loose thread.  These marks are a part of the fabric’s authentic story, and signs of a life lived. At SISSEL EDELBO that is exactly what is loved and cherished. We hope that you will see the beauty in the imperfect perfection, too, and carry it on with pride. In this way THE STORY CONTINUES.

Since the fabric is reused, not much is known about its origin, only that it has been worn as a sari. Information about the exact composition of the fabric is therefore not available.

Visit SISSEL EDELBO website >>