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Amazing Gray Wrap - Cashmere mix

LWH Nepal


This warm and soft handwoven wrap is made from a mix of cashmere, wool and cotton. The wrap is designed and made in collaboration with Local Women’s Handicraft (LWH) in Nepal, and the pattern has been developed especially for Fair Fashionista. The wrap is amazingly soft, and the gray color and discreet pattern never goes out of style.

Material: 35% cashmere, 35% cotton, 30% wool.


Made in Nepal


Who made the Amazing Gray wrap?

LWH (Local Women’s Handicrafts) is a textile and handicraft collective in Nepal founded by Nasreen Sheikh. Nasreen is a former sweatshop child worker and she has experienced the dark side of the garment industry on her own body, being forced to work 12-15 hours a day. Though she never gave up hope for a better future, so she managed to leave the sweat shop and start LWH.

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