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A-Line Dress

Reet Aus

Rent it for:

$45.00 per month


Black and gray A-Line dress. 3/4 sleeves and side pockets.

Sizes run small, so choose 1-2 sizes larger than you would usually do.

Bust: 104cm (size 42)

Length: 105cm (size 42)

Material: 100% upcycled cotton

Made in Bangladesh

This product is UPMADE® certified. It was made using leftover materials, meets international labor standards and avoids restricted hazardous chemicals.
Every item saves 91% water and 90% energy. 


Who made the dress?

Reet Aus is a fashion designer and environmental activists on a mission to save the fashion industry from itself. She believes that there is a way to end the throwaway culture and reduce the environmental impact of the industry that she loves.

By using upcycled and recycled fabric, avoiding hazardous chemicals and adhering to international labor standards, Reet Aus makes fashion sustainable and circular.

Read more about the brand and the UPMADE® certification on the Reet Aus website>>