Mae Sot: Mango and tea in Sylvia’s garden

by Fair Fashionista - Sanne
Yogurt with mango

Sylvia from Chimmuwa is also launching a retreat for traumatized women. She offers the women support and a safe place to stay and help them get the professional treatment they need.

Sylvia’s retreat is for women at the very bottom of the society, who do not have anywhere else to go. It is typically refugee women, or women, who have been victims of human trafficking or domestic violence. Some of the proceeds from Chimmuwa go to funding the retreat, so the women can stay there for free, as long as they want and need, in order to heal.

Tea set

When I was in Mae Sot the last time, I visited Sylvia’s home and saw what a wonderful place she is creating. One woman has already moved into a small house in Sylvia’s garden, and when everything is completed, Sylvia will be able to host 5-6 women in her own house and the surrounding buildings.

Her house is located in the outskirts of Mae Sot, and it is surrounded by a beautiful, lush garden. We sat down for a cup of tea among the palm trees, and Sylvia served fresh mango with homemade yogurt, muesli and black sesame. Such a nice and quiet place.

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