by Sanne Moeller


The answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

About Fair Fashionista

Fair Fashion is ethically made clothing, accessories and jewelry. That is, items made without exploiting humans and the environment.

Fairtrade certifications are very expensive, and in many cases, compliance e is limited to self-reporting or very vague control mechanisms. We believe we can do better than that on our own. Through on-site visits and dialogue with managers as well as the staff directly involved in production, we are continuously evaluating our partners and suppliers, building a longterm framework of mutual trust and understanding. 

The Vintage/Preloved items are not necessarily fair fashion. Though renting preloved/vintage items does not create any new demand and thus contribute positively to a circular economy.

We strive to use materials that have a minimal impact on the environment. Our handwoven cotton is certified organic or wild cotton, grown without the need of excessive irrigation. We also use end-of-roll fabric and left-over fabric from the garment industry in Cambodia, so-called upcycled fabric, that we source from the local markets in Phnom Penh. 

We collaborate with a carefully selected group of suppliers based in Thailand and Cambodia. Most of our suppliers are social businesses, providing employment as well as social support to their staff. By buying directly from the suppliers, we can keep the price you pay at an affordable level, while still paying a fair price to the artisans. 

Renting at Fair Fashionista

Yes, you can rent without a subscription. Though if you plan to rent more than 3 items each month, it is worth considering one of our subscriptions.

If you have a subscription, shipping is always free. If you rent without a subscription, you pay a $15 flat fee which covers shipping and return.

It usually take 3-4 business days from your order is confirmed until it arrives. You get a tracking code with your order confirmation so you can track your order online. 

We want you to enjoy your rented clothes and use the items as if they were your own. Therefore, insurance is always included in the rental price and covers all minor damages such as stains, broken zippers and buttons that fall off. If an item goes missing, or if we notice a pattern of deliberate damage, we reserve the right to hold the renter liable for up to two times the estimated value of the item.

You rent the items for one month (30 days) at a time. If you have a subscription, you can keep the items as long as you want (as long as your subscription is paid for). If you grow particularly attached to one item, you can also do a partial return of your rented items, just fill out the form that comes with your order, and let us know which items you want to keep a little longer. All other items should be handed in for return at latest 30 days after you have received them.