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Lazy Balm, All-in-One Body Balm Stick, Fair Fashionista
Lazy Balm, All-in-One Body Balm Stick, Fair Fashionista

If you travel a lot, you know what a pain it can be to bring all your skin care essentials. If traveling by plane, you must consider liquids restrictions, and the very real threat of toners and lotions leaking all over your clothes and suitcase. Furthermore, skincare takes up a lot of space, that I would much rather have used to bring back souvenirs from abroad. I was therefore very happy, when I found out about Lazy Balm and the all-in-one body balm stick. The stick is all you need for basic skin care, and with only five ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, and no nasty chemicals, this is a great product for earth friendly travelers.

When I got my first Lazy Balm, I thought it was just a giant lip balm stick, but it is much more than that, so I decided to make this mini guide on all the different ways to use Lazy Balm:

How to use the Lazy Balm

Lip balm: Lazy Balm is amazing for dry lips! The shea butter adds moisture and keeps your lips soft and smooth.

Face cream: The balm might be a bit too heavy for everyday use, especially if you are in a warmer climate, but for cold, windy weather, the balm is great. 

Eyebrows: Use the tip of your pinky to apply a tiny bit of Lazy Balm to your brows. This will stop your brows from straying and add a little bit of shine too.

Body lotion: When I first tried Lazy Balm, I thought it was just a giant lip balm stick, but then Lazy Balm founder Allie explained to me, how to use it for your entire body. The balm stick is solid at room temperature, so have a little patience, while you slide it over your skin, and wait for the body heat to warm up the tip of the balm so it slides more easily.

Relax & Destress: Massage the balm into your skin and temples after a nice bath or a shower. Make sure to rub a little on your upper lip, just below your nose, so you can sniff in the nice scent. A wonderful way to unwind before bedtime.

Hair and Beard Styling: Lazy Balm is great as a styling wax for a beard or a shorter hair style. If you have long hair like me, you can use the balm to define the ends and layers of your hairstyle, or to add body and texture. Use the balm on dry hair, and make sure to go slow and not add too much, as it will weigh down your hair.

Hands and feet: Lazy Balm works wonders for dry hands and cracked heels. While you might not want to run the stick directly over the soles of your feet (at least not if you intend to use it as a lip balm later), scratch off a thin slice from the tip and rub it between your hands before applying. It’s great for dry dog paws too:)

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