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KI LEE, Korean accessories brand
KI LEE, Korean accessories brand

KI LEE showed their 22SS collaboration collection with a Korean menswear brand the STOLEN GARMENT in NYFW as part of NYMD (New York Mens Day,a bi-annual initiative intended to help nurture emerging talent and consolidate the showing of contemporary menswear and genderless collections) event.

KI LEE and the STOLEN GARMENT have had a continued partnership since the STOLEN GARMENT’s 19SS collection. Every season, KI LEE designs 2-3 new pieces for the collaborative collection which include ready-to-wear products as well as runway pieces. Depending on the wholesale orders and/or the responses of the general public, these collaborative pieces are sometimes added to KI LEE’s carry-over roster. An example of this would be the BRENDEL mini bucket bag from the 20SS collection. This collaboration has provided KI LEE both the challenge and opportunity of working with different silhouettes, uses and moods, and has continued to be an important source of inspiration in the label’s overall direction.

KI LEE, Korean accessories brand

This was the second time KI LEE and the STOLEN GARMENT showcased their designs as part of NYFW NYMD, following the previous 21FW season. Unlike the previous season when the entirety of NYFW was held in digital format, the 22SS NYFW held physical shows and events in New York. As a result, KI LEE, the STOLEN GARMENT and Q millinery (a hat-maker and another long-time collaborator of the STOLEN GARMENT) traveled to New York, and held a physical presentation along with other emerging brands represented in the NYMD group.

For the collaboration collection 22SS collection “high-strung,” KI LEE has designed two items: PAGES cross-body bag, and PAGES accordion bracelet/anklet. The name and design of these pieces were inspired by the story of saint Anthony of Padua – the patron saint of stolen or lost things.

“The traditional practice of praying for St. Anthony’s help in finding lost or stolen things is traced to an incident during his lifetime that occurred in Bologna. According to the story, Anthony had a book of psalms that was important to him, as it contained his notes and comments for use in teaching his students. A novice who had chosen to leave had taken the psalter with him. Prior to the invention of the printing press, any book was hand-copied, and thus, an item of high value; a Franciscan friar in particular, given his vow of poverty, would have found such an item difficult to replace. When Anthony realized his psalter was missing, he prayed it would be found or returned, after which the thief was moved to not only return the book to Anthony, but also return to the order. The stolen book is said to be preserved in the Franciscan friary in Bologna.” (excerpt from online sources)

KI LEE, Korean accessories brand

PAGES celebrates 1) plant-based nature of the cork fabric, 2) the central role bibliographical research plays in the design process of KI LEE products, and 3) the collaborator the STOLEN GARMENT’s brand story that also involves a theft. For these designs, KI LEE has returned to using the Italian cork fabric whose sourcing has recovered to normal after having been severely unstable due to the pandemic’s direct hit to the supply chain in Italy. Each of the folios on the PAGES accordion bracelet/anklet goes through multiple segmented sewing and edge-treatment steps to create a unique structure that stretches and contracts to fit both the wrists and the ankles, while the PAGES cross-body bag mimics the distinct silhouette of a bound book with its magnetic closure taking on the inverse form of a book’s spine. Based on the positive response and interest of the buyers, KI LEE has decided to add the PAGES cross-body bag to its carry-over roster, and create 5 colorways using both cork and mulberry leather, which are planned to be sold starting in 2021 December.

KI LEE, Korean accessories brand


Founder: Ki Chan Lee

Seoul-based accessories brand with a commitment to intelligent designs and sustainable materials.


Seoul Fashion Creative Studio Room A05

22 Majang-ro, Jung-gu

Seoul, South Korea


+82 70 7847 5117



Rent KI LEE handbags

KI LEE // Fair Fashionista

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Elotes recipe, Mexican grilled corn
Elotes recipe, Mexican grilled corn

Grilled corn ears are a popular street food in Mexico. They are easy to make and quite filling, so they are perfect as a snack or as part of a Mexican meal.

I got this recipe from Alejandra, the founder of LemonyMX, months ago, but I just could not find Mexican Cotija cheese anywhere, so it was not until after she managed to convince me to just substitute with feta, that I finally gave it a try. The grilled corn ears are delicious, so don’t let any cheese obstacles hold you back, you need to try these. Feta or Cotija, elotes are super delicious. 

Elotes Recipe

Ingredients (for 4 persons as a snack, or for 2 persons as lunch)

4 corn ears

Mayonnaise (use real mayonnaise, not Miracle Whip or other kinds of sandwich spread)


Mexican Cotija cheese (or feta, if you can’t find cotija)

2 Limes


Chili powder


Grill the corn with the husks on for 3-5 minutes on each side. Make sure you turn the corn frequently so they don’t get charred.

Take the corn off the grill and smother in butter.

Squeeze some fresh lime juice over the corn.

Brush generously with mayonnaise

Add plenty of crumbled cheese.

Sprinkle with salt and chili powder.

The corn is ready! Serve hot, with extra lime wedges on the side.

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Lazy Balm, All-in-One Body Balm Stick, Fair Fashionista
Lazy Balm, All-in-One Body Balm Stick, Fair Fashionista

If you travel a lot, you know what a pain it can be to bring all your skin care essentials. If traveling by plane, you must consider liquids restrictions, and the very real threat of toners and lotions leaking all over your clothes and suitcase. Furthermore, skincare takes up a lot of space, that I would much rather have used to bring back souvenirs from abroad. I was therefore very happy, when I found out about Lazy Balm and the all-in-one body balm stick. The stick is all you need for basic skin care, and with only five ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, and no nasty chemicals, this is a great product for earth friendly travelers.

When I got my first Lazy Balm, I thought it was just a giant lip balm stick, but it is much more than that, so I decided to make this mini guide on all the different ways to use Lazy Balm:

How to use the Lazy Balm

Lip balm: Lazy Balm is amazing for dry lips! The shea butter adds moisture and keeps your lips soft and smooth.

Face cream: The balm might be a bit too heavy for everyday use, especially if you are in a warmer climate, but for cold, windy weather, the balm is great. 

Eyebrows: Use the tip of your pinky to apply a tiny bit of Lazy Balm to your brows. This will stop your brows from straying and add a little bit of shine too.

Body lotion: When I first tried Lazy Balm, I thought it was just a giant lip balm stick, but then Lazy Balm founder Allie explained to me, how to use it for your entire body. The balm stick is solid at room temperature, so have a little patience, while you slide it over your skin, and wait for the body heat to warm up the tip of the balm so it slides more easily.

Relax & Destress: Massage the balm into your skin and temples after a nice bath or a shower. Make sure to rub a little on your upper lip, just below your nose, so you can sniff in the nice scent. A wonderful way to unwind before bedtime.

Hair and Beard Styling: Lazy Balm is great as a styling wax for a beard or a shorter hair style. If you have long hair like me, you can use the balm to define the ends and layers of your hairstyle, or to add body and texture. Use the balm on dry hair, and make sure to go slow and not add too much, as it will weigh down your hair.

Hands and feet: Lazy Balm works wonders for dry hands and cracked heels. While you might not want to run the stick directly over the soles of your feet (at least not if you intend to use it as a lip balm later), scratch off a thin slice from the tip and rub it between your hands before applying. It’s great for dry dog paws too:)

Buy the Lazy Balm in the shop


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The Camp Shirt, sustainable men's fashion, (h)A.N.D.
The Camp Shirt, sustainable men's fashion, (h)A.N.D.

Nothing spells summer like a camp collar shirt, and if you are going on a trip somewhere warm, the camp shirt is your perfect companion. While the origin of the camp collar shirt is still debated, the camp collar shirt got its big US breakthrough in the 1950s, when Elvis, among others, made the casual shirts widely popular.

I mainly buy home decor and women’s fashion from (h)A.N.D. but last time I was in Phnom Penh, I brought back a couple of shirts back for Poul. He loved them, and he has been living in those shirts the entire summer, so I decided to start selling them at fair Fashionista.

The camp shirts from (h)A.N.D. are made in Phnom Penh from upcycled, leftover fabric from the garment industry in Cambodia, which (h)A.N.D. buys at the local markets or directly from the factories. Often, there are only a few meters available of each pattern, and many of the shirts are therefore one of a kind or made in very small quantities.

You would want a comfortable, relaxed fit, so even though the measurements of the shirts from (h)A.N.D. is US standard sizes, make sure to check the measurements in the size guide and go a size up, if in doubt.

Wear the shirt alone or over a T-shirt or a tank top, untucked with jeans, chinos, or shorts. It also looks good under a light linen jacket for a stylish, yet casual evening look. If you just want to blend in by the beach, pick one of the discreet colors and patterns, but if you are looking to stand out from the crowd, there are also a shirt for you in our selection.

Buy the shirts at Fair Fashionista Shop

The Camp Shirt, sustainable men's fashion, (h)A.N.D.
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Domlei, ethically crafted in Phnom Penh
Domlei, ethically crafted in Phnom Penh

Domlei is a Phnom Penh based ethical kids clothing and accessories brand, founded by Cambodia national, designer and photographer, Saron. Originally from a small village, Saron now lives in the capital, from where she runs Domlei.

All handwoven fabric at Domlei is designed and woven in Cambodia in close collaboration with local artisans in rural parts of the country. Domlei also uses high quality dead stock, which is leftover fabric sourced from the garment factories in Cambodia.

Domlei is particularly known for good design and high-quality textiles. Domlei is also one of the only brands in Phnom Penh that does customized block print.

In Cambodia, factory jobs often mean long hours, a hectic work environment, and long commutes, making it difficult to combine raising a family with factory employment. At Domlei, the artisans can choose to work from home, so they can have more time with their kids, while generating an income for the family.

Domlei supports a range of local projects aimed at giving back to the communities, creating opportunities and empowering women. Domlei is particularly passionate about supporting the early education of children in rural parts of the country, where most of the weavers that Domlei works with are located. Domlei helps providing for schoolbooks, stationaries, and uniforms, and also arranges reading clubs for the children to encourage learning and education, which will eventually benefit the entire community.

Read more about Domlei at Domlei website >>

If you are in Phnom Penh, you can visit Domlei’s shop:

Domlei, Jungle à Domicile, #91E0 110 Road, Wat Phnom Commune, Phnom Penh

Shop Domlei Tea Towels

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Seoul Travel Blog
Seoul Travel Blog

Korea Furniture Museum consists of 10 traditional houses brought together from different locations and features more than 2500 pieces of traditional Korean furniture. The items are all part of the personal collection of the founder and director Mi Sook Jung, who opened her collection to the public in 1993. The museum has been praised as the most beautiful museum in Seoul and celebrity visitors such as Victoria Beckham and Brad Pitt have helped put the museum on the map for international travelers with a penchant for history, art, and design.

Ki Chan Lee is the founder and designer at the sustainable Korean fashion brand KI LEE. In this blog post, he tells us about one of his favorite places in Seoul: Korea Furniture Museum.

The first thing I really enjoy about visiting the Korea Furniture Museum is its location. Visiting the Seongbuk-dong neighborhood where the museum is located is in itself a rare occasion to be in the historic and quiet residential area of the city. Standing on the gravel-lined front yard of the museum situated on a green hillside, the visitor gets to enjoy what has drawn generations of wealthy Seoulites to take up residence in the neighborhood. 

Secondly, Korea Furniture Museum is quite unique in that it provides its visitors with an immersive experience that encourages them to think about not only the contents of its exhibits, but also its own history and context. I like to compare the Korea Furniture Museum to New York’s “the Met Cloisters,” a medieval arts museum run by the Met. Having incorporated parts of historic architecture into the built environment (old Korean houses in the KFM’s case and European monasteries for the Cloisters) both museums are testament to the collectors’ personal commitment, as well as the organizational and logistic expertise of the institution. From the excellent guided-tours, you hear not only about the artefacts themselves, but also their respective history and relationship to the founder of the museum, which in turn reveals a very intimate perspective on Korea’s culture around art, craftsmanship and patronage during the period spanning form late Joseon-era to early modern times.

Who should visit Korea Furniture Museum?

I recommend the Korea Furniture Museum to anyone who visits me from abroad, but the museum would be an especially special place for those who are interested in art and design. Because of its relative obscurity among many locals, I also recommend it to those who are visiting someone who lives in Korea to have a shared first-time experience.  

How long time do you need at the museum?

The official guided tour of the museum is one hour, but I recommend adding an extra half an hour to both before and after the tour to walk about and experience the old and almost-aristocratic residential area.

What is special about Korean traditional furniture? What characterizes the design?

As with any furniture, Korean traditional furniture was designed so that its functions and appearance best served its environment as well as its users. One aspect of Korean traditional furniture that makes it quite unique is its close relationship with the unique measuring system in traditional Korean architecture called Kan. Referring to the distance between two pillars that repeats itself throughout a given building, serving as the basis of its architectural order, Kan differs from one building to another, even though they were within a given range. In other words, each building was born from its own foundational system of order, which was then reflected in the design of the furniture. As a designer, I admire this pre-industrialization marriage between individualism and order and feel humbled by the subtle language of beauty and harmony.

Korea Furniture Museum, 121 Daesagwan-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, Hours of Operation: Tue-Fri: 11am-7pm, Sat: 9am -6pm, Tel: +82-2-745-0181

It is recommended that you make a reservation online for your preferred date and time of your visit. The admission fee is 20,000 KRW, and it is paid at the entrance. Photos are not allowed at the museum except for at the designated photo zone. No food and drinks are allowed inside the museum. English guided tours are available at 2pm, 3pm,4pm and 5pm on a first come, first served basis.


KI LEE – Ki Chan Lee

KI LEE is a Seoul-based accessories brand with a commitment to intelligent designs and sustainable materials.


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Oatmeal recipe, fresh figs and walnuts
Oatmeal recipe, fresh figs and walnuts

Oatmeal is filling and delicious, which makes it great for breakfast. It might not be the most visually pleasing among the breakfast bowls, but add a topping of fresh fruit and nuts, and you will have a bowl that looks just as delicious as it tastes. This recipe is with almond milk, but you can also use regular milk, if you prefer. It does not take more than 10 minutes to make, and it will keep you full for a long time.

Oatmeal Recipe (serves 1)

½ cup (1.25dL) water

½ cup (1.25dL) almond milk

½ cup (1.25dL) rolled oats (without additives, not the instant ones)

½ teaspoon cinnamon

A pinch of salt

A few drops of honey

If you ask my mom, she would tell you that you should only add water and let the oats simmer for a couple of minutes before adding the rest of the ingredients, and that’s probably the right way to do it, but I would just add everything at once. Bring it to a boil and let it simmer for a couple of minutes until you get the right, thick texture.

Here is my favorite topping:

Fresh figs, walnuts, honey, banana and cacao nibs.

This topping combo always works, but sliced apple and cinnamon is also great with oatmeal. Drizzle a little honey on top and your oatmeal is ready to eat.

Rent Chimmuwa products

Chimmuwa // Fair Fashionista

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Recipe Danish Kartoffelmad, Open-faced potato sandwich
Recipe Danish Kartoffelmad, Open-faced potato sandwich

The Kartoffelmad (open-faced potato sandwich) is a beloved Danish smørrebrød classic. It is also one of the only vegetarian smørrebrød classics, and if you use vegan mayonnaise, it is vegan too. In Denmark, the open-faced potato sandwich is often sprinkled with bacon, but I have left that out and added sunflower seeds instead for some crunch. You can make the sandwich with all kinds of potatoes, but I think the smaller ones are the easiest to work with, as some of the larger, more mealy potatoes will fall apart when sliced. If you are using small, thin-skinned potatoes, you can leave the peel on.


1 slice of Danish rye bread. Other kinds of multigrain bread or unsweetened sourdough bread also works fine.

2 small boiled, peeled, potatoes


Madras curry powder

2 Radishes

1tbsp sunflower seeds



Let the potatoes cool down after boiling. They are easier to work with when completely chilled, so if possible, boil the potatoes the day before.

Spread the mayonnaise on the bread.

Slice the cool potatoes and place the potatoes on the bread.

Spread some mayonnaise over the potatoes.

Sprinkle with curry powder

Slice the radishes and sprinkle over the potatoes

Sprinkle with sunflower seeds

Cut the chives and sprinkle over the potatoes

Ready to serve:)

Home & Living

Rent placemats


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Beach towels in handwoven cotton, Weavers & Fair Fashionista
Beach towels in handwoven cotton, Weavers & Fair Fashionista

Sunny days by the beach might feel very far away at this time of the year, but the lead time for the handwoven beach towels is several months, so I have to decide on the designs and patterns for this summer’s collection within the next week.

I am working closely with Weavers in Takeo in Cambodia, and we have experimented with different kinds of thickness for both the fabric and the individual threads. They have come up with a really nice quality that is soft and thick, but light enough to fit in your beach bag.

The beach towels are slightly thicker than a Turkish towel and the individual threads are thicker, so you are in for a warm, comforting hug, when you get out of the water. The beach towels are just the right size for a standard sun bed, but they are also thick enough to use as a blanket, if you are lying directly on the sand or having a picnic in the park. They are 100% cotton, which makes them very absorbent, and they dry quickly in the sun.

You can rent the beach towels for a month at a time, but I am considering making a few of the most popular designs available for sale too. We have many beautiful patterns in production right now, so I am sure you will be able to find the perfect match for you this summer.

Rent the beach towels here >>


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Lemony MX , shawl pins, Mexican dolls, worry dolls, Fair fashionista
Lemony MX , Fair fashionista

I first got to know Alejandra through her food Instagram account @lemontwist_nyc where she shares her love of food and drinks, and it took a while before I found out that that she also has an online shop, where she sells the most adorable accessories and home décor items.

We quickly agreed that we should do something together, and after brainstorming back and forth we came up with the idea to make shawl pins with Mexican dolls. A shawl pin is such an underrated accessory. It makes your shawl stay in place without any bulky knots that will make you look like a strangulated giraffe, and the dolls look adorable on any knitted or woven shawl or wrap.

Alejandra has Mexican origins and she started Lemony MX back in 2019 with the purpose of sharing the passion for Mexico through her designs. Since she was a little girl, she has been fascinated by the vibrant colors used by local artisans, and her business started as a tribute to colorful Mexico. She buys the Mexican dolls from indigenous Mexican artisans and she makes sure that only the best materials are used, and that the products are finished with her special touch. Today, the product range has grown to also include custom made felt dolls and keychains, and everything is created with passion and lots of love.

The shawl pins come with two kinds of dolls:

Mexican Dolls: The cheerful little dolls dressed in colorful dresses will most certainly bring a smile on your face and brighten up your day.

Worry Dolls: It is said that if you tell the little worry doll about your sorrows and fears and place her under your pillow before going to bed, she will make your worries disappear while you are sleeping. Though, because of the sharp pin, I advise against placing the shawl pin doll under your pillow.

Caution: The shawl pin is not a toy and not suitable for children.  

Visit Lemony MX Etsy Shop >>

Lemony MX Shawl Pins ​

Fair Fashionista Shop

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