About Fair Fashionista

I think we all can agree that the way most of us consume fashion today is not sustainable. But fair fashion? Not for me.  At least that was what I thought, because choosing fair fashion seemed to be full of compromises that I did not want to make.

Isn’t fair fashion only for hippies, who don’t mind wearing dead ugly clothes, just because they support a good cause? Isn’t fair fashion so expensive that I would not be able to afford it?  

Not anymore. At Fair Fashionista I want to make fair fashion more accessible and affordable. I work directly with my suppliers to offer you contemporary designs at a price that won’t break your wallet, and our socially responsible supply chain ensures that everybody benefits from the production process. Clothes you want to wear, without compromises. 

On the blog, you can read more about what is happening in the Fair Fashionista network. You can see how new designs are created, and meet the people who are directly involved in the process.

Together, we can reduce the negative impact of the garment industry. Rent instead of buying!

Sanne Overgaard Møller


Founder, Fair Fashionista Inc.