About Fair Fashionista

Fair Fashionista offers a new, more sustainable way to consume fashion. We want to reduce the demand for fast fashion, and the the negative impact inflicted on people and environment. At Fair Fashionista we therefore only sell fair fashion and secondhand items, which we hand-pick from vintage- and secondhand shops, and private wardrobes around the world.

We believe that secondhand shopping should be a joyful experience, so we have removed some of the stress which has traditionally been an inevitable part of secondhand shopping. All items are washed and cleaned carefully, so you don’t have to, and before we ship away your parcel in a compostable mailer from NoIssue, we wrap the items neatly in eco-friendly wrapping paper. 

We call it secondhand deluxe, and we believe, that together, we can reduce the negative impact of the garment industry without compromising on style. 

Sanne Overgaard Møller


Founder, Fair Fashionista Inc.